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Flexibility and Compensation in the Network/Data Age

Lets start with the obvious, easy changes afforded by a wired economy.  Many people have no reason to perform their job from a desk at headquarters.  Phone and cable service costs less to your home than your desk at work.  Most people already have one or both, and would be happy to pass on those […]

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Closed Sources Create Self-Inflicted Crisis

In academia, appropriation through citation is the norm.  Wide berth is given borrowing to advance the broader arts and sciences.  Shakespeare borrowed liberally from passion plays and referenced works of contemporary dramatists.  Culture itself is built on the propagation of ideas, as evolution is driven by the instinct to propagate species.  How odd that in […]

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The Non-Crisis

A key feature of early 21st Century life is the Non-Crisis – any disaster, real or imagined is scaled and amplified to industrial scales.  The most obvious example is the crisis of Weapons of Mass Destruction.  We presume that contemporary ability to kill on large, industrial scales is a new, unique and in some respects […]

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