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Spreading Data to Spread Wealth

It’s worth considering an alternative approach to intellectual property, based on original principles in the constitution (as opposed to narrow commercial interest).  Starting from the assumption that work can be automatically identified in or out of context via watermarks (digital data that can be recovered even if the song is distorted or remixed), and that […]

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Closed Sources Create Self-Inflicted Crisis

In academia, appropriation through citation is the norm.  Wide berth is given borrowing to advance the broader arts and sciences.  Shakespeare borrowed liberally from passion plays and referenced works of contemporary dramatists.  Culture itself is built on the propagation of ideas, as evolution is driven by the instinct to propagate species.  How odd that in […]

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The Politics of Data

How, when, why, and where we connect ourselves and our agents (phones, iPods, PCs, cars, refrigerators) to networks is a truly political issue.  The politics transcend the regulation of which frequencies are used for your wi-fi and your bluetooth and your phone(s), or environmental regulations on how things are made or how to dispose of […]

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