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Entertainment Corps Marching Backwards on the Road to Nowhere

Major record labels and movie studios are marching backwards, retreating from past success and fleeing the field.  As we move from an industrial to information economy, the ground rules and goal posts have moved.  Most significantly, wealth is no longer derived from scarcity, but from ubiquity.  Value is closely linked to the size of one’s […]

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Closed Sources Create Self-Inflicted Crisis

In academia, appropriation through citation is the norm.  Wide berth is given borrowing to advance the broader arts and sciences.  Shakespeare borrowed liberally from passion plays and referenced works of contemporary dramatists.  Culture itself is built on the propagation of ideas, as evolution is driven by the instinct to propagate species.  How odd that in […]

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Balancing the Rights of Creators and Consumers

Questions of authorship can obscure the real interests of artists and society.  The notion of “intellectual property” is based on a balance between a creator’s rights and social benefits.  This equation originally presumed a human creator, and proprietary rights were based on life-spans.  In the 20th Century corporations, with unlimited life-spans, intentionally attacked this rationale, […]

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