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The Data Economy

While we have spent a lot of time discussing new media, we’ve devoted relatively little to it’s interface with the new networked information economy.  As in design, data is reshaping the flow of value and money.  The most radical notion: the most valuable things are those which cost the least!  Ubiquity, not scarcity, is a […]

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Entertainment Corps Marching Backwards on the Road to Nowhere

Major record labels and movie studios are marching backwards, retreating from past success and fleeing the field.  As we move from an industrial to information economy, the ground rules and goal posts have moved.  Most significantly, wealth is no longer derived from scarcity, but from ubiquity.  Value is closely linked to the size of one’s […]

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Persistent Memory Encouraged by Retroactive Analysis

One useful and powerful tool is retroactive analysis and mining of historic data.  There are enormous libraries, which heretofore were maintained solely by expensive, explicit effort.  Most of the film shot, printed and used by mankind is now in landfills.  What remains will only be preserved through digitization, functional metadata for authentication and sourcing, and […]

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